Michael Wolfe

Victor Fonseca, La Universidad de las Américas Puebla Yirga Gelaw Woldeyes, Curtin University Centre for Human Rights Education,
Dean Michael Wolfe, Queens College (2016 Conference)

Welcome to Queens College. It is such a privilege and pleasure not only to welcome you to our campus and the Borough of Queens, the heart of the world’s most diverse urban place.  Our campus embodies this diversity as our students hail from 150 different countries and speak 70 different languages.  Thanks to generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, we have undertaken a three-year project led by faculty, staff, and students to foster diversity and inclusion in urban communities and higher education. We invite you to engage with us at our conference where we will come together in conversation to formulate plans of action to realize these goals. The conference will afford ample opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange and contribute to the professional development of the emerging scholars who participate as well as for students and faculty from across CUNY and guests from elsewhere. A special reception for undergraduates, held on the first evening of the conference, will provide them a chance to meet and talk with conference presenters and attendees to learn more about shared fields of interest and careers in higher education. Conference proceedings will be broadcast via the web and also captured for later podcasts, thus amplifying their impact. Publication of selected papers as a book is also planned. Finally, time will be set aside for departments to organize interviews arranged in advance of the conference for open faculty positions at Queens College and other CUNY campuses to take advantage of this recruitment opportunity to enhance faculty diversity.




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